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About Nancy

A little about me.

Nancy was born in Chicago, and except for her four years at the Kansas City Art Institute earning a BFA in painting and sculpture, this is where she has remained.  A dedicated painter as well as gifted teacher and mentor, Nancy has devoted her life to painting, exhibiting and teaching. She’s shown her work in galleries and exhibits across the country, and though her paintings can be a bit difficult to categorize due to her unique use of mixed media and surfaces, most of them are figurative.  She combines oil bars, China markers, graphite and oil paint on a variety of surfaces, including gessoed paper, pieced and handmade papers, linen and rice paper.  Her pieces feature infinite detail and layers, textures and colors.   Nancy has shown her work in a variety of settings including shows at Kansas City Art Coalition, Elmhurst Museum, Milliken University, The Post Family, and the Illinois Art Institute. Her work has also appeared in movies and on tv - most recently in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, where her work is shown as Frankie’s (Lily Tomlin) paintings.  

Artist Statement:

I am a painter.  For me this does not require much thinking, it is more like breathing. Whatever you see in my painting is your own reflection, like a mirror.  To me it is simple, instinctive and essential.