Serendipity Now!

Well, hello there!

Oh, man we are really hitting it big with the stories for you recently. This week, we have a very special and somewhat magical treat to share with you, but first let me tell you all how it began.

Last Saturday, Nancy randomly reunited with Beth Gonder and John Twigg at her studio. Back in the days of Nancy Cohn Painted Fabrics, Beth and John were two members of her team. Beth managed the shop and John helped Nancy paint the fabric among other things. It was a joyous occasion, since they hadn't seen one another in over 20 years. 

To those of you who have not yet stepped through the doors of Nancy's studio have not  experienced its magic. I have worked here for over a year and I cannot tell you how many characters drop in out of the blue. All of them have stories to tell, but few have written stories about their experience. Well, except for me, since it is part of my job to blog for Nancy. ;) 

So, there the three old comrades were, catching up and reminiscing, when a neighbor walks in. She introduces herself and then asks Nancy if she knows this young woman who grew up in the neighborhood. The young woman's name is Tova Benjamin. The neighbor told Nancy that Tova wrote a wonderful story that is about Nancy's Chabad Boys series of paintings and it recently won a writing award.

Nancy did remember Tova and their long chat from years ago, but did not know about this short story. She couldn't wait for me to read it when I got in this morning and now that I have, I am simply blown away.  Her story is a must read and it is titled Engraving Heaven's Likeness. It is the fisrt place recipient of the Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize. Click the link below to read it. You will be amazed. Job well done, Tova! Congrats!

That's all for now. 

- Olivia